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  • Lash Lift Versus Lash Extensions

    Are you team Lash Lift or Lash Extensions?🤔 The topic Lash Lift versus Lash Extensions can be a tough choice. But, if you had to go with one, which should it be? TEAM 1 - LASH LIFT🤍✨ Ultra low-maintenance, natural look that gives you a literal “I woke up like this” vibe that will make people wonder how your lashes could be so perfectly curled. Works with the natural lash length so results vary but can be intensified by using a growth serum prior. TEAM 2 - LASH EXTENSIONS💃✨ A customizable lash look that delivers your preferred level of drama, curl, length..and the power to bat your lashes like a pro. All Lash Sets are bespoke and your individual features play a key role in the style we decide on. Here are some things to consider: 1️⃣ Your desired look and style preferences 2️⃣ Your lifestyle & the maintenance you’re willing to commit to 3️⃣ Your natural lash health/state and facial features Remember, the perfect choice should be the one that makes you feel effortlessly beautiful & confident🥰 Now, it’s decision time! Would you go for the effortless lift or the mesmerizing extensions? I’m excited to see what you pick! It’s all possible, and it starts with a simple step—booking a free consultation with me! During your consultation, we’ll discuss your desired look and your lifestyle. I’ll share my secrets to achieving a low-maintenance morning beauty routine that makes you look like you’ve spent ages getting ready when it only took a few minutes! 📱Just send me a message here for your free consultation and we’ll plan the rest together. Get ready to embrace your natural beauty, effortlessly 💃🤍 Oh, and if we haven’t met yet, my name is Fair & I’m the owner of Faces By Fair - a home-based Midtown Toronto beauty studio with a simple mission to help others feel more confident with time-saving beauty treatments (specializing in lash, brow, + pro makeup services)

  • Top 3 Reasons Why You NEED A Lash Lift

    Visit our Instagram @facesbyfair to view more amazing results! Fit for all lifestyles and ages - discover the top benefits of how life changing a Lash Lift & Tint is with a Certified Lash Artist at Faces by Fair. Enhance your natural beauty and achieve stunning, long-lasting results in just an hour! 😮 Keep reading for an in-depth explanation on some quick Lash Lift facts to if you’re the right candidate! 1. Curled lashes define your eyes and make them pop (meaning: look more well-rested!) One of the best results of a Lash Lift is that it makes our eyes appear more awake, refreshed and physically lifts the eye area completely! This is because the Lash Lift gives your lashes an upward curl, creating the illusion of wide open eyes. If you have hooded eyes, natural lashes that point downwards, or a smaller eye shape, a Lash Lift is a game-changer to help achieve an open-eyed look (like you slept a full 8 hrs!) 2. You can toss away your eyelash curler (and even mascara!) Your newly lifted lashes won’t require any further assistance standing out. Give your lashes some much needed time off from dehydrating beauty products and pulling on them nightly to remove mascara. I promise you’ll never feel more confident to go au naturel! 3. Lash Lifts are cost efficient! A major pro of Lash Lifts is that they’re a more affordable option than Lash Extensions and don’t require touch up appointments. You’ll slowly notice the natural (more straighter) growth come through and eventually go back to their natural state. You’ll enjoy perfectly curled and tinted lashes for up to 8 weeks at which point it’s safe to repeat the treatment again. Consider giving your lashes (and yourself) a little boost of confidence with a Lash Lift and Tint that helps you feel instantly put together every morning! Results of Before (bottom) and After (top) a Lash Lift and Tint Hey there! My name is Fair and I’ve been providing Lash Lifts in the heart of Midtown, Toronto for over 5 years. I specialize in creating a relaxing and customized experience to every client while enhancing their natural beauty. As the leading Lash + Brow Expert in Midtown Toronto, you can feel confident booking in a treatment for some much needed self-care time. Experience 1:1 appointments without the typical fast-paced salon interruptions. You can find Faces by Fair conveniently located at Yonge and Eglinton for services such as Pro Makeup, Makeup Lessons, Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Lifts + Tints, Brow Lamination + more! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

  • The Ultimate Guide to Bridal Makeup

    You've booked me for your wedding makeup, now what? There are so many moving parts to a wedding, from coordinating with the venue all the way to the tie colours. These details are important but you shouldn't feel overwhelmed about your unique "look" and how you want to feel that day - that's where I come in as your Beauty Expert with all the tips + tricks. 😇 ​ Your face is a canvas and like any piece of art, it’s all about the preparation. A facial is a great way to start – but please not 2 weeks ahead of the wedding! I’ve seen brides arrive to their wedding day with red, sensitive and flaky skin. Although this is fixable, it is not ideal for makeup application. After you've chosen the dress, the venue, the flowers - you want to put your best face forward. You're in the right hands to get yourself fully prepped for your special day. While these details are important, you shouldn't feel overwhelmed about your unique "look" and how you want to feel that day - that's where I come in. 😇 ​ Your face is a canvas and like any piece of art, it’s all about the preparation. A facial is a great way to start – but please not 2 weeks ahead of the wedding! I’ve seen brides arrive to their wedding day with red, sensitive and flaky skin. Although this is fixable, it is not ideal for makeup application. ​ Here's a quick breakdown of your Wedding Timeline 4 - 6 Months: Book your Makeup Trial and Lash/Brow Consultations within this time frame. ​ 3 - 4 Months: Another very important step in creating a clean canvas is Brow Shaping and Facial Threading. This is not something you want to do on your wedding day as makeup, eye shadow and bronzer is being applied and can magnify these tiny facial hairs. ​ 1 Month: Book your final Brow Shaping and Lash treatments at least 1 month ahead. Let’s not let anything be a surprise. Maybe you’re a “lift” gal or maybe you would love to try extensions. If you are not interested in these, I’ve got solutions for you! But let’s give it at least a month! ​ Also, BIG tip coming right at you – bring your partner and any other male identifying family in for a Brow Shaping a month before the big day. Take a close look at wedding photos you’ve seen – why do the men get ignored? Don’t worry! It’s not going to make them look “different” – just like they've cleansed their face! ​ Check out the timeline down below for a visual on how we'll plan your Bridal Look ⬇

  • The Importance of Lash + Brow Aftercare

    So why so much attention on your Lashes and Brows? Well, when properly shaped and maintained, your face looks lifted and more awake. There are some common lash and brow treatments that can help you achieve this look easily and quickly! To keep your treatments looking fresh as long as possible, you'll want to take these steps before your next appointment. ​ Brow Stain (Dye): Since the Stain dye lasts longer on your skin, let the area soak in the pigment for 24 hrs and avoid soaping it up with your cleanser. They're already clean as this is the first step in my process. After a day has passed, feel free to carry on with your regular routine - just adding in your Faces by Fair oil nightly. ​ Brow Lamination: You'll need to halt use of any retinol and potent vitamin C skin care 4 days before + after your Brow Lamination appointments. Keep Brows dry and away from high heat for the following 24 hrs (ex: hot steamy showers, saunas or spin class). ​ Lash Lift: Keep Lashes away from high heat for the following 24 hrs - it is ok to get them wet if unavoidable. Refrain from touching, rubbing and absolutely no use of a mechanical lash curler - not like you'll need it! Make sure to apply aftercare products RENEW (hydrate lashes) or BOOST (growth serum) or your Faces by Fair oil nightly to keep the hairs soft and supple as they grow out during the next 8 weeks. ​ Lash Extensions: Keep lashes dry for up to 4 hrs post application and avoid things like: a sweaty workout, saunas and salt water swimming. You'll enjoy skipping daily mascara and waking up ready for the day sans makeup! Ensure you cleanse lashes daily with your Faces by Fair Lash Bath and Brush to keep them fluffy and clean.

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