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Your Lashes, But Better

Welcome to the era of your effortless beauty routine - take a look below at some of the ways you can save time and wake up confident to skip the eye makeup!

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Check out this gorgeous Brow Shaping too!

The crowd pleaser service for so many good reasons! Throw away the damaging lash curler and wake up with lashes that make you feel instantly put together. You'll be shocked to discover what your lashes are capable of. An added Tint really helps to pop your eyes without wearing mascara.

Combine Faces by Fair's famous Lash Lift with Brow Lamination for the ultimate duo that will boost your confidence and literally creates a "lifting" effect to your face!

New Clients!

Yes! We take New Clients with existing lash extensions from another artist. Save 15% off Hybrid + Volume Lash Sets as a First Time Client! Lashes must be applied correctly & in good shape from previous lash artist with 40% coverage (up to 3 wks). If not they are not, a Removal and New Set will be suggested.

Remove existing lash extensions safely and quickly without damage. Completed with a complimentary gentle + relaxing Lash Bath to wash away any residue with pH balanced cleanser. *Free with a New Set!

The Classic Lash Set consists of 1 individual extension applied to 1 natural lash. Fullness is dependent on the health and count of the natural lashes. This set is perfect for clients who want the appearance of two coats of clump-free mascara with added length and curl. Expect 95% coverage for optimal retention!

The Volume Lash Set consists of carefully hand-crafted 3-6D fans with the most fine and ultra soft featherlight extensions. A fan wraps around one single natural lash, creating an instantly dark and full lash line. As always every Lash Set is customized to the natural lashes, eye shape and desired style. Your lash health and safety is top priority and you will never experience damage by seeing an Experienced, Certified Lash Artist. Volume is ideal for clients that want a built-in liner effect with more darkness to accentuate the eyes. Can be done very naturally or add length for drama.

The Hybrid Set is a mixture of Classic and Volume lashes which consist of carefully hand-crafted fans to give a slightly fuller look than a Classic Set. It is ideal for clients with healthy natural lashes who want to enhance the eyes without the darkness of a Volume Lash Set.

Mega Volume lashes include carefully hand-crafted 10-15D fans using the most fine and ultra soft featherlight extensions that wrap around a single natural lash. As always, every lash set is customized to the clients' natural lash health, eyes and desired style. Contrary to popular belief it is the lightest lash set and ideal for all clients, especially those who have sparse/fine/weak natural lashes and want to achieve the fullest look possible.


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