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The Importance of Lash + Brow Aftercare

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

So why so much attention on your Lashes and Brows? Well, when properly shaped and maintained, your face looks lifted and more awake. There are some common lash and brow treatments that can help you achieve this look easily and quickly!

To keep your treatments looking fresh as long as possible, you'll want to take these steps before your next appointment.

Brow Stain (Dye): Since the Stain dye lasts longer on your skin, let the area soak in the pigment for 24 hrs and avoid soaping it up with your cleanser. They're already clean as this is the first step in my process. After a day has passed, feel free to carry on with your regular routine - just adding in your Faces by Fair oil nightly.

Brow Lamination: You'll need to halt use of any retinol and potent vitamin C skin care 4 days before + after your Brow Lamination appointments. Keep Brows dry and away from high heat for the following 24 hrs (ex: hot steamy showers, saunas or spin class).

Lash Lift: Keep Lashes away from high heat for the following 24 hrs - it is ok to get them wet if unavoidable. Refrain from touching, rubbing and absolutely no use of a mechanical lash curler - not like you'll need it! Make sure to apply aftercare products RENEW (hydrate lashes) or BOOST (growth serum) or your Faces by Fair oil nightly to keep the hairs soft and supple as they grow out during the next 8 weeks.

Lash Extensions: Keep lashes dry for up to 4 hrs post application and avoid things like: a sweaty workout, saunas and salt water swimming. You'll enjoy skipping daily mascara and waking up ready for the day sans makeup! Ensure you cleanse lashes daily with your Faces by Fair Lash Bath and Brush to keep them fluffy and clean.

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