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Faces by Fair logo Midtown Toronto Lash + Brow Expert, Professional Makeup, Bridal Makeup, eyelash extensions, eyelash lift
Faces by Fair Yonge and Eglinton Beauty Studio eyelash and eyebrow enhancing, professional makeup

Fair is Midtown Toronto’s leading Beauty Expert specializing in Lashes, Brows + Pro Makeup

Fair Elisabeth Faces by Fair Makeup Artist Lash + Brow Specialist Midtown Toronto Yonge and Eglinton Beauty Studio

Owner & Pro Artist/Educator

Faces by Fair always strives to make others feel comfortable, confident & uplifted. Check out the featured word that embodies our atmosphere


[hue-gah] noun

"a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being" (a defining characteristic of Danish culture).


My name is Fair Elisabeth, but you can call me Fair. I’m a one-woman entity with a
simple mission to help others feel more confident with time-saving beauty services.

As one of The Lash Shop and The Brow Shops Expert and Educators, it's been the brand I rely on for professional grade supplies for years now - and where I achieved my Lash Certifications over 5 years ago with Owner Fendi Oung. I actively collaborate with them in creating social media content and live demonstrations for educational sessions. This opportunity is so exciting as they're one of the industry leaders in North America with the most comprehensive courses and manufacturing practices. I just love working with this thoughtful, energetic and talented group of women. There are so many new + exciting projects we're working on!!

After working in Advertising & Marketing, my heart led me to get my Diploma at George Brown College for Professional Makeup in Film + TV. I worked as an assistant to gain experience and then it wasn't long before I became aware of Lash + Brow enhancing services - and that it correlated with applying makeup on each person. Suddenly I took an interest in just how important starting with a groomed canvas is, and how it takes any makeup application to the next level.


I searched for a way to become Certified + Accredited in Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lifts in Toronto as I wanted to ensure I was practicing at a level of expertise, not just following a demo from an inactive/uneducated lash artist - which was the reality of my first chain-operated salon job!


Fast forward six years later and I've built my self-led beauty business brand and clientele into my full time career. The work I’ve chosen is a combination of scientific knowledge and art, with a balance of technical research with creative flair that show through my clients' results. This career seemed inevitable, as my mom recalls my grade 4 teacher saying “she’s going to be a creative, she won't be sitting in a cubicle” and wow, was he ever right. I never knew I could turn my passions into my very own business, but here we are!

I hope you will check out the blog where you can expect solution-based beauty tips to feel confident in a routine that compliments your lifestyle - instead of making you feel drained.

Apart from loving beautiful things, colours and design, I feel the undeniable importance of incorporating sustainability, equality and inclusion in my business. Faces by Fair is a safe and accepting space for all.


Time spent during your 1:1 sessions will leave you feeling peaceful and calm with a zap of positive energy.

Thank you for being here and I welcome you with open arms to the Faces by Fair community!

Take a look at the Treatments tab for more info on these game-changing beauty services.

See you soon, beautiful!

Top Service

Faces by Fairs Top Service

The Eye Lift Package

The ultimate lash + brow combo

that saves you time and boosts "no makeup" confidence

1.5 hrs



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77 Roehampton Ave

Yonge & Eglinton | Midtown, Toronto

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Tues - Fri

10:00 am – 7:30 pm


9:30 am – 5:00 pm

​Sun + Mon


(Available upon request)

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